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Ricardo Quarterly Q1 2011

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English (United Kingdom)
RQ Magazine


Industry news
Latest developments in the automotive, rail, marine, motorsport sectors.

RQ Viewpoint
Marine renewable energy is key

Ricardo news
Defence, EVs, industrial and high performance vehicles

Questions and answers
General Motors has bounced back with fresh products and new managers. Here we present the views of vice chairman Steve Girsky and international president
Tim Lee


Smart grids, cars
Electricity grids will soon face the twin challenges of charging large numbers of electric vehicles while at the same time increasing the proportion of renewable energy in their generation mix. However as we show, smart grids and smart cars could hold the key to a new low carbon electrified transport economy

The MERGE vision
Europe’s smart grid technology group: two key members speak to RQ

Convoys save CO2
The European SARTRE programme has begun road-testing its platooning technology, which will save fuel, reduce stress and increase road capacity by allowing vehicles to travel in close convoy

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