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Ricardo Quarterly Q3 2015

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RQ Q3 2015

Strength in numbers: Ricardo’s exercise for the US US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
(DARPA) shows how an open public competition can bring fresh thinking and innovative approaches 
to vehicle development.

All-wheel drive for the F-TYPE: Jaguar’s world-class sports car gains a sophisticated all-wheel drive 
option for the new model year, with help from Ricardo.

Emissions statement: Ricardo’s state-of-the-art Vehicle Emissions Research Centre opened in July, 
offering the prospect of transforming the way engineers develop and test new vehicles. 

RQ viewpoint: Robert Bell, managing director of Ricardo Energy & Environment, explains how the 
name change is a statement of commitment to future thought leadership

Ricardo news: Revolutionary rear-drive unit; tidal turbine progress; driverless buses for
Brussels airport; new noise test facility; key water sector acquisition; low carbon transportation 

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