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Capabilities and Case Studies

Example projects and capabilities include:


  • Concept-to-production design of all-new 4.4l diesel engine
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  • Tier 4 interim production engine programmes using SCR only, passive DPF with EGR, and EGR only (Ricardo Twin Vortex) combustion technologies
  • Managing a customer Tier 4 interim work load peak that required 5 test beds to be operational within 6 weeks
  • Research project focussing on the benefits of a 3000bar common rail system
  • A major upgrade of an off highway engine for Tier 4 emissions that requires a 220 bar maximum cylinder pressure
  • Demonstration of Tier 4 final emission levels including assessment of particulate number

Driveline & Transmissions

  • Design of a multi-wheel 8x8 driveline system for a prototype defence vehicle
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  • Design of new family of powershift transmissions 250-600hp
  • Concept to production design, prototype build and development of 140hp powershift tractor transaxle
  • Design Simulation, and component manufacture for steerable drill head using CVT


  • High Efficiency Excavator featuring Ricardo Flywheel Technology
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  • Design and development of unique, semi-autonomous aircraft tug
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  • Design of a radical new concept patrol vehicle offering unparalleled standards of crew protection
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  • Future Tactical Truck System for the US armed forces
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Hybrids & EVs

  • Plug-in hybrid utility truck concept prototype development 
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  • Concept study for hydraulic hybrid system application to a refuse truck
    Simulation and feasibility review for agricultural application to review performance and FC improvements through simulation and power analysis. Results showed potential for >10% productivity improvements and 2-3% FC saving
  • Hybrid cross-drive transmission for tracked vehicle including detailed design, prototype manufacture and test (including hydraulics)

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Design and development of unique, semi-autonomous aircraft tug
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  • Research project developing driver assessment and coaching system (Footlite)
  • Sentience research programme using electronic horizon data to improve efficiency of vehicle systems
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  • Co-Driver project collating off-vehicle hazard warning data and presenting to the driver
  • FacITS project defining an ITS classification and analysis scheme to reduce vulnerabilities of ITS systems

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