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Engine Engineering

With increasingly strict emissions regulations applying around the world and with a constant need to optimize fuel efficiency, reliability and total cost of ownership, Ricardo is uniquely placed to assist customers with their off-highway engine engineering requirements

As a leading player in off-highway engine engineering Ricardo offers:

  • A clear route map of practical technology solutions to achieve Tier 4 emissions regulations in a cost-effective and optimal manner for each application
  • New engine design and development as well as upgrades to existing products and calibration/homologation to a wide range of international regulations
  • Access to its own proprietary technologies offering unique and high-value solutions, such as the recently launched ultra-low particulate twin vortex combustion system as incorporated on the JCB EcoMax T4 engine (hailed as the world’s cleanest off-highway engine)
  • Class-leading alternative fuel concepts such as Ricardo’s flex-fuel optimized EBDI ethanol combustion technology
  • Engine localization and adaptation for new applications and markets.
    Cost, design and performance benchmarking

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