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Ricardo has long been engaged in the marine sector and fully understands the challenges of increasingly strict emissions legislation, the imperative of improving ship energy efficiency and reducing fuel consumption, while also minimizing total construction and operating costs. Ricardo supports the marine industry in meeting these challenges by offering its expertise in clean technology, energy storage solutions, hybrid and electric propulsion systems, fuel efficient engines, next generation gearbox and driveline technology, and electronic & telematics systems.

Ricardo is your ideal partner from emissions reduction, energy efficiency and fuel consumption optimization, to complete propulsion system specification and development: 

  • Complete ship architecture simulation for maximum fuel efficiency through optimization of energy management strategy and evaluation of energy storage options based on intended operating conditions and duty cycle
  • Advanced engine design and development
  • World-class expertise in exhaust aftertreatment and emissions control technologies including selective catalytic reduction and exhaust gas recirculation, and waste heat recovery
  • Gearbox and driveline system design and development with high quality in-house niche manufacturing capacity
  • Design and development of hybrid propulsion systems
  • Energy storage system design including battery packs, high speed flywheels and hydraulic energy storage concepts
  • Expertise in control systems and electrical architecture integration
  • Design of control architecture for fuel cell systems
  • Proven intelligent transport concepts adaptable for marine use including weather based routing, autonomous ship management, collision avoidance navigation, and prognostics & condition monitoring

Key benefits of the Ricardo service:

  • One-stop shop for marine engineering support
  • Cost savings built-in from the concept stage through access to deep technical expertise and use of advanced CAE tools such as the proven and powerful Ricardo software products WAVE, VECTIS and SABR
  • World-renowned expertise in diesel and gas engine design and development.
  • Innovative and imaginative engineering solutions for all types of large commercial vessel

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