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Capabilities and Case Studies

Example projects and capabilities include:

Power systems – recent and on-going projects include:

  • Base engine emissions upgrade for major generator set manufacturer
  • New two-cylinder generator set engine design
  • Significant cost savings identified for a generator set manufacturer
  • Design and support development of a compressed natural gas diesel engine for major power systems manufacturer

Wind energy

  • Ricardo ‘MultiLife’ wind energy bearing technology project aiming to increase service life by up to 500 percent – funded by the UK Northern Wind Innovation Programme (NWIP)
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  • Development assistance to General Compression on a novel wind energy based compressed air energy storage concept aiming to eliminate wind power intermittency
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  • Collaboration with HORIBA on the design of a new 15MW drive train test system for offshore wind
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Marine energy

  • Development assistance to OpenHydro on a new concept of tidal stream generator
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Fuel cell systems

  • Clamping analysis for a planar solid oxide fuel cell
  • Detailed design for a natural gas fuelled solid oxide fuel cell remote power system
  • Hydrogen source diesel reformer for NOx trap regeneration
  • Engineering design and prototype development of a pressure swing hydrogen reformer for an industrial vehicle fuel cell powertrain application
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