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Capabilities and Case Studies

Example projects and capabilities include:


  • Development of a new 10-litre truck engine for Hyundai Motor Company
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  • Calibration of a number of US 2010 truck engines
  • Extensive screening of aftertreatment technologies for Euro 6
  • An advanced engineering programme looking at achieving very low (US 2010 compliant) engine out NOx
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  • Design and development of a new light truck engine for India
  • Assistance to a global engine OEM with localization of a truck engine for India

Driveline & Transmissions

  • New 10-speed manual transmission for heavy duty trucks and 6-speed DCT for light duty trucks
  • Torque upgrade of an existing light duty truck transmission
  • New, class leading, actuators for a heavy duty AMT
  • New helical range section for a 9-speed manual transmission for heavy duty trucks
  • New angle drive for city buses
  • New combiner transmission design and production supply for an electric bus
  • New transmission for hybrid bus and production supply
  • Clutch control software to upgrade an existing medium duty AMT
  • Application engineering and supplier management for a new range of medium duty trucks


  • New light and medium duty trucks for South East Asian Market – full vehicle engineering content and hand-over of responsibility once the client’s facilities and team were established in-territory and capacity/capability established.
  • New US light commercial vehicle market entrant for a global OEM – responsibility for chassis frame, suspension and powertrain integration activities for both gasoline and diesel powertrains in both 2WD and 4WD configurations
  • Legacy upgrade for a Chinese light commercial vehicle for a global OEM – responsibility for initial concept feasibility assessment, detailed design release and prototype vehicle build in China. Pick-Up and SUV vehicles variants both LDD, 2WD and 4WD
  • Product reintroduction into the US market for a global OEM – responsible for initial market re-entry feasibility study, full vehicle package concept confirmation and for upgrade of all vehicle safety related systems to meet latest legislation
  • Cost down study for an American truck brand – application of Ricardo’s integrated cost reduction approach to deliver savings of more than $500/unit for a mature in-production medium-duty truck
  • Quality recall for Asian Commercial vehicle manufacturer – Ricardo redesigned the client’s problem resolution process while managing its largest ever recall campaign
  • Heavy equipment transporter for a US truck corporation – vehicle upgrade and homologation modifications for UK market

Hybrids & Electric Vehicles

  • Large commercial vehicles hybridization concept study
  • HyTrans, a UK government funded light commercial delivery micro-hybrid vehicle programme, resulting in the delivery of a robust, production-ready demonstrator vehicle with no loss of payload volume and fuel consumption savings of over 20% on a real-world delivery cycle derived from measured data
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  • Hybrid bus optimization project for an Asian client, helping them achieve real world fuel economy improvement of circa 10% through simulation and analysis of the proposed system – recommendations included changes to battery technology and sizing, and cooling system optimization
  • Hybrid architecture study for Asian client, looking to develop a family approach to multiple medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles for world markets – study considered legislative drivers and incentives, drive cycle variations and non-driveline related optimisations as well as the a number of different hybrid driveline concepts for each vehicle class
  • Hybrid refuse truck study examining the business case, architecture definition using simulation to determine the best configuration for the customer duty cycle and application

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Research project developing driver assessment and coaching system (Footlite project)
  • Sentience research programme using electronic horizon data to improve efficiency of vehicle systems
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  • Co-Driver project collating off-vehicle hazard warning data and presenting to the driver
  • FacITS project defining an ITS classification and analysis scheme to reduce vulnerabilities of ITS systems
  • SARTRE European Framework 7 research programme investigating technology for the platooning of vehicles for improved fuel economy and safety
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