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Engine Engineering

The complexity and cost of commercial vehicle engines has increased significantly in recent years in response to the unprecedented tightening of emissions regulations affecting the US, Japanese and European markets, as well as the need to optimize performance, fuel consumption and total cost of ownership. Ricardo has been active in the commercial vehicle sector for many years with an extensive global team of experts providing class-leading low emissions and high performance, fuel-efficient and robust technologies and new engine designs, to customers on a global basis.

Ricardo provides a world-class team for commercial vehicle engines:

  • An unparalleled global capacity for state-of-the-art engine product development from fundamentally new concept designs and upgrades to existing designs for performance and/or emissions improvements, through to turn-key new product development programmes
  • Calibration and vehicle homologation to EU5+, EU6, US LEVIII+ and EU4/5 regulations for emerging markets
  • Proprietary Ricardo technologies such as the ultra low particulate Twin Vortex Combustion System which can achieve Euro 4 emissions without any particulate aftertreatment – and the Kinergy mechanical energy storage concept
  • Fuel consumption and emissions technology selection and demonstration, based on our extensive knowledge of the technical and commercial strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions
  • Engine manufacturing localization and adaptation for new markets
  • Cost, design and performance benchmarking – access to the Ricardo benchmarking database including, for example, full performance and emissions testing of the Scania EU5 (zero aftertreatment) engine
  • Proven world-leading Design Of Experiments (DoE) approach to combustion specification and calibration, significantly reducing the development time and cost of producing fully optimized performance
  • A strong analytical approach to engine design and performance assessment, reducing testing requirements and component design iterations
  • Technology selection, life cycle cost optimization and warranty management
  • Fully flexible engineering resource and programme management expertise tailored to the needs of each client – enables rapid programme start, minimum slippage, and full achievement of both product and technology transfer objectives

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