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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) innovations aim to improve safety, reduce fuel consumption and improve road space utilization and hence provide the added convenience of shorter journey times. Ricardo has an active ITS team which has developed relationships with a number of business partners to ensure that can fulfil the complete ITS needs of our clients, including off-vehicle applications, telematics, service and equipment provision, and logistics management.

As a leading player in automotive ITS solutions Ricardo offers:

  • Complex systems-based programme management expertise ensuring development to an agreed specification and effective integration and implementation
  • Requirements specification and management, and architecture and systems design for robust ITS solutions development
  • Prototype and production intent software and hardware development
  • Remote control, semi-autonomous and autonomous control systems
  • Integration of elements of ITS – such as vehicle to infrastructure communications – to meet specific programme needs
  • Vehicle tracking and telematics solutions
  • Driver coaching and monitoring systems
  • Development of logistics management systems
  • ITS systems vulnerability analysis, for example against malicious denial of service attacks
  • Remote diagnostics and prognostics systems

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