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Ricardo has a long history of supporting governments and regulatory bodies across the globe, providing in-depth, objective and highly practical insights on the technology issues of the day, fully independently of any manufacturer. Our combination of strategic and technical consultancy enables us to provide expert advice and guidance to governments and regulators on the feasibility and impact of their proposed policies, and on the representations they receive from external stakeholders including industry, academia, NGOs and political lobbying organizations.

Independent and objective strategic and technical policy advice:

  • Market studies and technology roadmaps
  • Technology assessments (e.g. availability and impact of technologies for CO2 reduction in a particular industry sector or application)
  • Identification and prioritization of technologies for R&D investment
  • Regulatory impact assessment
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies for proposed policy and regulation
  • Simulation and modelling of consumer behaviour
  • An international client base including UK, US and EU governments and regulatory agencies

Key advantages of the Ricardo service

  • Full independence of any manufacturer – complete objectivity and confidentiality assured
  • Deep market knowledge of the sectors in which we operate
  • Detailed knowledge of the technical and economic impacts of technologies applied in these markets
  • Broad international network of contacts forming an ideal stakeholder base for consultation
  • An unparalleled reputation for accurate and rigorous delivery in both the commercial and public sectors

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