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Driveline and Transmissions

Ricardo has a comprehensive and fully integrated capability in high performance transmission and driveline product development including all aspects of control and actuation technology. The combination of key technologies from both motorsport and mainstream automotive applications is the basis of our cutting edge development capability and “right first time” approach. Our advanced engineering solutions set the benchmark for performance transmissions and drivelines, as demonstrated by our enviable track record in all forms of motorsport and ultra-high performance vehicles.

Ricardo provides a world-leading capability in high performance transmission and driveline engineering:

  • Bespoke transmission design based on an ethos of focussing on weight, performance, and cost optimization, minimizing parts count, and delivering unparalleled reliability
  • Right-first-time culture aided by in-house developed CAE simulation software, enabling performance and reliability to be delivered on time and right first time
  • Ability to incorporate the latest green technologies such as hybrid and KERS systems
  • High quality high precision parts manufacture where all processes (including CNC machining and heat treatment) are in house, allowing complete control of production quality
  • Ability and experience to machine a wide variety of materials including aluminium, carbon fibre, MMC, steels and titanium alloys
  • Complete parts traceability – all items are laser etched with part and batch number providing full traceability to material source
  • Significant quantities of complex machined transmission parts supplied within tight time scales for critically demanding customers in Formula 1 as well as geared actuation components for commercial aerospace
  • Enviable track record of winning teams in many different forms of motorsport, including long-standing success in “sportscar” and “rally raid” endurance events
  • Design and manufacture of transmission and driveline systems for the world’s most prestigious supercars including the Bugatti Veyron

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