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Capabilities and Case Studies


Riding into new Territories: BMW Motorrad is best known for its touring and sports bikes, but with the new C600 Sport and C650 GT maxi scooters the premium motorcycle maker is entering a completely new sector of the market. We report on how this ambitious programme, with its powertrain engineered by Ricardo, was completed in record time.

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BMW’s super six: In 2006 BMW awarded Ricardo a highly prestigious task – to design a new, six cylinder engine, from scratch, to power a world-best sports touring motorcycle. Jesse Crosse reports on the programme and the product.

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BMW’s “brilliant” bike engine
Renowned for producing some of the world’s finest motorcycles, BMW approached Ricardo to participate in an engineering programme to help to develop a new four- cylinder engine for its top K 1300 motorcycle range.
Jesse Crosse and Anthony Smith describe a fascinating engineering collaboration.

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Example projects and capabilities include:


  • Designing a new, six-cylinder engine from scratch, to power the BMW K1600 best-in-the-world sports tourer
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  • Design, development and validation of the new BMW K1300 super bike engine
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  • Design and development of a new large capacity, multi cylinder touring bike engine
  • Design, development and industrialization of a new medium capacity two-cylinder engine in conjunction with a European vehicle manufacturer and an Asian engine supplier
  • Concept study for a new, high performance, turbocharged motorcycle engine
  • Design, development, supply and race support of a World Super Bike engine
    (read more)
  • Design analysis and support for a new 110cc motorcycle engine optimized for low friction and best fuel consumption

Driveline & Transmissions

  • Design, development and validation of an all new, six-speed all helical transmission for a new premium brand touring motorcycle 
  • Design, dynamic simulation, development and validation of a new maxi scooter driveline system (primary drive/CVT/reduction gearbox/final drive)
  • Development of new clutch and drive shaft for a high performance super bike including dynamic simulation, test and development and production validation
  • Testing of various scooter CVT systems for efficiency confirmation and improvement (125cc to 700cc)
  • Design and development of an all new driveline torsional damper system (for durability and NVH) including dynamic simulation, design, test and development

Vehicles Systems Engineering

  • 125cc scooter design and development programme, from specification definition to full scale clay styling model, to first prototype vehicle manufacture and testing
  • 125cc motorcycle from concept definition through to initial prototype design, manufacture and development
  • Maxi scooter chassis development for improved ride and handling
  • New large capacity cruiser motorcycle concept design

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

  • Hybridization of  a two-wheeler with ultra low cost technology, with technical responsibilities for concept evaluation, cost/benefit analysis, electrical and mechanical design, supervisory control strategy implementation, vehicle build, system calibration and supplier technical selection
  • Due diligence of a two-wheel electric vehicle manufacturer, including  product benchmarking against key competitor offerings, engineering and manufacturing operational performance review and business strategic opportunities and risks
  • Concept study of a serial hybrid powertrain for a scooter, aimed to reduce fuel consumption by elimination of CVT gearbox, optimisation of engine operational strategies and recuperation of braking energy

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Research project developing driver assessment and coaching system
  • Co-Driver project collating off-vehicle hazard warning data and presenting to the driver
  • FacITS project defining an ITS classification and analysis scheme to reduce vulnerabilities of ITS systems

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