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Engine Engineering

Motorcycle and personal transportation products require engines ranging from small, single cylinder two- or four-strokes for basic low cost commuter transportation, to large capacity, multi cylinder high performance engines for luxury high performance motorcycles. Ricardo provides optimized, robust, reliable and cost effective engine designs meeting the exacting demands of customers in each market sector for performance, refinement, and fuel economy, while meeting the requirements of the very latest emissions regulations.

Ricardo – the leading global supplier of combustion engine technology and product development:

  • State-of-the-art two and four-stroke engine product development from fundamentally new concept designs and upgrades to existing products for performance and/or emissions improvements, through to turn-key product development programmes
  • Air, air/oil and water cooling expertise
  • Design for low cost manufacture, best fuel economy and low emissions
  • Application of appropriate future technologies (VVT, GDi, pressure charging etc)
  • Strong analytical approach to engine design and performance assessment, reducing testing and component design iterations
  • Calibration for performance, drivability and emissions
  • Prototype and production procurement on a global basis
  • Technology selection, life cycle cost optimization and warranty management
  • Product localization and adaption for new markets
  • Fully flexible engineering resource and programme management expertise tailored to the needs of each client – enables rapid programme start, minimum slippage, and full achievement of both product and technology transfer objectives

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