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Hybrid Powertrain Systems Engineering

Ricardo has extensive experience in delivering cost effective solutions for hybrid & electric powertrains from concept development to complete industrialization programmes. We have extensive design, simulation and systems integration experience and in-depth knowledge in all the advanced hybridization and electrification technologies – from control systems, motors, battery systems and next-generation energy management and storage solutions – relevant to existing and new motorcycle and personal transportation applications.

Hybrid and electric vehicle product development for all applications:

  • Strategic studies related to legislation, business drivers and technology including lifecycle cost, total cost of ownership and strategic procurement, and concept demonstration of advanced technologies
  • Complete systems design, integration, vehicle build and manufacturing implementation of parallel, power-split and series configurations as well as all-electric solutions
  • Architecture definition and comprehensive vehicle modelling, system specification & design, safety analysis and implementation of safety critical control systems, and control algorithm development to achieve sophisticated functionality and fuel economy objectives
  • Hybrid & electric driveline and transmission design, development and prototype manufacture
  • Engine design, calibration and optimization for hybrid applications
  • Design and development of electrical & electronic components including vehicle control units, electrical machines, power converters, high voltage harnesses and full vehicle, system and component EMC development
  • Components and systems development and integration, testing and validation
  • Vehicle level integration and optimization, homologation and industrialization support
  • Battery pack and charging station design, engineering, development and testing, including rapid prototype battery management systems
  • Robust programme management and bespoke development and validation processes
  • Flexible and collaborative approach, delivering high value, high quality solutions to time and within budget, while meeting customer expectations for training and technology transfer

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