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Capabilities and Case Studies

Example projects and capabilities include:


  • Clean sheet design and development of a new class leading, fuel efficient, low cost small passenger car engine for ULEV emissions
  • Creating a global high quality engine family for a major international automaker – GM’s High Feature V6
    (read more)
  • Full serial production turn key programme support, systems engineering, production releasing, calibration and launch support
  • Design development and niche manufacture of a 450kW+ sportscar engine
    (read more)
  • Production design of a new sports 560kW+ V12
  • In service calibration optimisation to enable product market place competitive re-positioning
  • Base engine cost reduction and on-going product development, including warranty management
  • Cost effective build of complex vehicles for emissions, fuel economy or performance technology demonstrations
    (read more: EBDI press release)
    (read more: EBDI case study)
    (read more: DI-BOOST case study)
  • Component and system development through to start of production and into service

Driveline & Transmissions

  • Over 31 Dual Clutch Transmission projects including Ricardo’s own product design, development and manufacture of the award-winning 7-speed DCT of the Bugatti Veyron
    (read more)
  • Development of several Automated Manual Transmissions including a low cost electro-mechanical solution for a Far East client
  • Development of an 8 Speed Planetary Automatic from concept to production including all control software and calibration
    (read more)
  • Development of the control and calibration for a Van Doorne Belt CVT for a Far East client
  • Design, development and warranted production supply of the highly acclaimed 6-speed transaxle for the Ford GT
    (read more)
  • Development of a 2 speed hybrid DCT
  • Extensive manual transmission capability and strategic engineering support provision
    (read more)
  • In house demonstrator projects on DCT and AMT technology as well as advanced driveline concepts such as Torque Vectoring
    (read more: case study 1)
    (read more: case study 2) 


  • Engineering Jaguar’s first ever diesel
    (read more) 
  • Partnering GM on development of the Hummer H2
    (read more)
  • BMW Mini powertrain integration
    (read more) 
  • Helping SAIC create an international product development organization and helping create its fist own-brand products
    (read more)

Hybrids & Electric Vehicles

  • Design and development of the Chery A5 BSG micro-hybrid and ISG mild hybrid – the first such production car in China – as demonstrated at the 2008 Olympics
    (read more)
  • Bringing a novel multi-mode electric transmission / driveline from concept to production, including the development of the control and safety strategies
  • Achieving ‘best in class’ fuel economy for a production BSG mild hybrid system by the use of sophisticated control strategies
  • Development from ‘clean-sheet’ to fully functional demonstrator of a military hybrid vehicle in 18 months
    (read more)
  • Detailed study of hybrid architectures for bus & truck applications for potential global market introduction
  • Design of a next-generation EV charging system
    (read more)

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Research project developing driver assessment and coaching system (Footlite project)
  • Sentience research programme using electronic horizon data to improve efficiency of vehicle systems
    (read more)
  • Co-Driver project collating off-vehicle hazard warning data and presenting to the driver
  • FacITS project defining an ITS classification and analysis scheme to reduce vulnerabilities of ITS systems

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