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Driveline and Transmissions

Ricardo has a comprehensive and fully integrated capability in transmission and driveline system product development including all aspects of control and actuation technology. This simultaneously engineered approach allows us to provide customers with faster solutions optimized to a higher standard, from improvements and upgrades to existing products to complete new turn-key programmes. Ricardo has invested heavily in research and development into advanced driveline technologies such as torque vectoring, as well as the very latest thinking in dual clutch and automated manual transmissions – providing highly valuable and tangible experience that our customers can benefit from.

Ricardo provides a world-leading capability in automotive transmission and driveline engineering:

  • Design and development of transmissions from concept studies, clean sheet designs and demonstrator programmes through to fully developed and validated production products
  • Full capability range including manual, dual clutch, automated manual, planetary automatics, CVT’s, axles and 4WD systems
  • Advanced control engineering to provide actuation objectives, control algorithms and calibration for efficient and smooth operation imperceptible to the driver
  • Extensive capability in gear shift quality development for manual transmissions with experience in the market specific requirements of this key vehicle attribute – Ricardo is also able to supply its GSQA system, the worlds most widely used objective measurement system
  • Strong focus on strategic use of CAE to optimize designs and minimize time to market – Ricardo can also supply its SABR shaft, gear and bearing, concepting and design software, an advanced transmission CAE package that integrates the design process and reduces product development time
  • Access to extensive development testing facilities and the Ricardo high performance transmission product manufacturing organization to provide high quality development parts in extremely competitive timescales (currently supplies components to F1 teams as well as the award winning Ricardo DCT for the Bugatti Veyron)
  • A flexible approach providing tailored solutions to customers specific requirements from concept and target setting projects to full turnkey product development programmes and including training, technology transfer and collaborative working

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