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Engine Engineering

Diesel and spark ignition engines – powered by conventional hydrocarbons as well as alternatives such as biofuels – are likely to remain predominant prime mover for passenger cars for years to come whether used as the direct source of motive power or as part of a hybridized powertrain. With nearly a century of successful engine design to its credit, Ricardo has the experience, tools and skills to provide class-leading engine products for all global passenger car markets. Through our continued investment in technology research we are also developing next-generation combustion technologies and new engine concepts, with the aim of delivering solutions for tomorrow’s ultra-low carbon emission and high thermal efficiency vehicles.

Ricardo – the leading global supplier of combustion engine technology and product development:

  • An unparalleled global capacity for state-of-the-art engine product development from fundamentally new concept designs and upgrades to existing products for performance and/or emissions improvements, through to turn-key product development programmes
  • Full calibration (e.g. to Eu5+, Eu6, and LEVIII+) and vehicle homologation
  • Proven world leading Design Of Experiments (DoE) approach to combustion specification and calibration, significantly reducing development time and cost while producing fully optimized performance
  • Strong analytical approach to engine design and performance assessment, reducing testing and component design iteration
  • Access to high value technical solutions such as advanced gasoline concepts, EBDI extreme optimized ethanol combustion, and ultra low emissions diesel
  • Technology selection, life cycle cost optimization and warranty management
  • Product localization and adaption for new markets
  • Fully flexible engineering resource and programme management expertise tailored to the needs of each client – enables rapid programme start, minimum slippage, and full achievement of both product and technology transfer objectives

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