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Ricardo brings a fresh and different approach to international railway customers, from operators and regulators to train builders and equipment manufacturers. This service builds upon the company’s long standing experience in a wide range of transportation sectors, together with the deep industry knowledge and expertise of our rail sector team.

Ricardo rail engineering services are focused on the following key areas:

  • Driving down costs – utilizing the very latest technology and process knowledge to reduce rolling stock cost of production and operational energy consumption, including through the optimization of vehicle weight, outsourcing engine warranty management, smart tendering requirements management, optimal management of technology deployment, and the use of next-generation engine management systems
  • Extending asset life – improving existing diesel powertrains, systems optimization of traction control, safety critical electronic system development, powertrain failure analysis an problem rectification
  • Reducing emissions – diesel engine compliance to Stage 3b and 4 emissions without weight or package penalty
  • Next generation local clean power systems – avoiding the need for cabling while providing clean uninterruptable power for safety-critical trackside systems
  • Improving rolling stock NVH – using the very latest in noise and vibration simulation and analysis technology to create a more pleasant environment for passengers and more durable rail vehicle and track systems
  • Innovative technology based solutions – including intelligent route planning and management, advanced energy storage solutions, waste heat recovery and advanced train to train signalling systems

Key benefits of the Ricardo service:

  • Independent, objective and practical advice tailored to the needs of rail sector customers
  • Expertise with in-depth sector knowledge and thinking from multiple transportation sectors 
  • High quality, efficient and rigorous design process and expertise
  • Access to world leading experts in engine and transmission technology, products and systems
  • Access to non-railway supply chains, reducing costs and improving competitive advantage
  • Multi-modal transportation expertise
  • Faster introduction of reliable and high quality technology, products and innovations
  • Strong track record of successful technology research, including the negotiation of external sources of funding

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