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Improving Rolling Stock Noise & Vibration

Ricardo has one of the world’s leading noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) teams with an established track record of exceptionally high quality vehicle engineering achievement across products ranging from passenger cars to coaches, trucks and off-highway equipment.  We can map out NVH transmission paths and design or re-engineer vehicles to create the acoustic characteristics and features desired to optimize passenger comfort.

A new concept in local clean power supply:

  • NVH characterization of existing vehicles using tools such as acoustic intensity, beam forming and other Ricardo developed techniques
  • Fully independent and objective review of existing interior designs and powerpack isolation
  • Simulation using multi-body dynamics and finite element methods
  • Development of NVH counter-measures
  • Validation and implementation of solutions
  • Value added service - enhanced customer environment, improved durability of sub-systems and reduced wear on track

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