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Capabilities and Case Studies

For understandable reasons much of our defence vehicle work remains confidential – the following is a brief summary of our recent projects and capabilities:


  • Major engine upgrade  for a main battle tank
  • Specification and integration of the engine for the Ricardo ‘Ocelot’ light protected patrol vehicle
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  • Development of the Cummins B series engine for the US FCS programme
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  • Calibration and robustness assessment of a light duty engine for military fuels
  • Strategy development addressing the implications of future engine emissions technology on engines for defence vehicles
  • Major upgrade to an off highway engine for Tier 4 emissions requiring 220 bar maximum cylinder pressure

Driveline & Transmissions

  • Combination drive and multi-mode 8x8 driveline system for twin engine, 28 tonne APC prototype with pivot turn capability – system concept feasibility study to prototyping, rig test and vehicle trials in 15 months
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  • Design of modular 6x6 and 8x8 driveline family (transfer cases and drive axles) for new range of APCs up to 25 tonnes
  • Power-shift/steer drive transmission for tracked vehicle with hybrid drive powertrain – concept definition, design and prototype manufacture.
  • Driveline upgrade for light tactical vehicle with 4x4 and 6x6 derivatives. Design review and re-specification of ‘in-house’ axles and hub reduction units, and review and re-selection of bought-out components.


  • Ocelot light protected patrol vehicle
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  • TARDEC fuel efficient demonstrator utilizing Ricardo’s Total Vehicle Fuel Economy (TVFE) process and complex systems modelling techniques
  • Protected Vixen vehicles designed, remanufactured and supported for the UK MoD
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  • Land Rover WIMK vehicles designed, manufactured and supported with international customers
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  • Drivetrain for an 8x8 hybrid AFV
  • 4x4 defence vehicle repower including new engine and transmission
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Hybrids & Electric Vehicles

  • Development of the ITEC FTTS 9.5 tonne parallel hybrid defence vehicle from clean sheet to running vehicle in 16 months
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  • Development of the 3.5 tonne Ricardo series hybrid drive hub motor vehicle, suitable for retrofit to existing vehicles
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  • Design, simulation and manufacture of the BAE Systems tracked vehicle hybrid drive transmission
  • Provision to the UK MoD of a 30 tonne hub motor series hybrid drive vehicle concept including drive-by-wire technologies.

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Research project developing driver assessment and coaching system (Footlite project)
  • Sentience research programme using electronic horizon data to improve efficiency of vehicle systems
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  • Co-Driver project collating off-vehicle hazard warning data and presenting to the driver
  • FacITS project defining an ITS classification and analysis scheme to reduce vulnerabilities of ITS systems

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