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Engine Engineering

Defence applications require a wide variety of engine types ranging from logistics and fighting vehicles, to ships and UAVs. In almost all cases a common factor is the need for high power to weight ratio combined with outstanding reliability, durability, and compact package size. Low emissions – of both noise and exhaust products – are equally crucial as is the ability to deliver exceptionally high standards of fuel economy. Ricardo offers a truly comprehensive and global engine engineering capability providing a high value ‘one stop shop’ to the defence industry for all development needs.

A comprehensive and unparalleled defence engine design, development and production implementation capability:

  • Full design, testing and engineering service from clean sheet design and validation of new engine concepts and upgrades to existing units, to the design, development, prototype testing and manufacturing implementation of completely new products
  • All power requirements covered from light patrol and logistics vehicles to the largest marine propulsion systems and smallest UAV engines
  • Access to broad and deep technical expertise across all areas of engine development – including the very latest in high fuel efficiency and low emissions combustion systems
  • Independent evaluation and assessment of alternative commercial engines
  • Cost-optimized solutions through the modification of commercially available engines to meet specific operational requirements
  • Rapid response to customer needs – Ricardo is often quicker and more flexible engineering partner than engine, component and system manufacturers
  • Providing quality and value by tailoring solutions to exacting operational requirements, if necessary incorporating bespoke engine technologies and innovations

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