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Hybrid Powertrain Systems Engineering

Ricardo defence vehicle experience encompasses all aspects of high mobility, all terrain, multi-wheel drive vehicles and heavy equipment transporters. Our extensive research and development activities in the areas of hybridization and electrification allow us to deliver cost-effective solutions that can be applied to existing and new military vehicle fleets. From detailed technical advice to the engineering and development of fully functional vehicles, Ricardo has the resources and experience to provide the right solution.

A comprehensive and unparalleled hybrid design, development and production implementation capability:

  • Strategic studies related to legislation, business drivers and technology – business case development and concept demonstration of advanced technologies and systems
  • Architecture definition and both system and vehicle level modelling
  • Components and sub-systems development, testing and validation
  • Complete systems design, integration, optimization and vehicle build of parallel, power-split and series hybrid configurations as well as all-electric solutions
  • Electrical and control system integration including the development of electronic control units, electric machines, high voltage harnesses and full EMC certification
  • Safety analysis and implementation of safety critical control systems
  • On and off-board power provision and payload performance enhancement
  • Hybrid driveline and transmission design, development and prototype manufacture for both tracked and wheeled armoured vehicle applications
  • Engine design and optimization for hybrid defence applications
  • Homologation and industrialization support where required
  • Robust programme management and bespoke development and validation processes
  • Expert knowledge of legislation, business drivers and available technologies including total cost of ownership and strategic procurement analysis

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