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Capabilities and Case Studies

Example projects and capabilities include:


  • Conversion of large 320mm bore diesel engine to spark ignited gas operation
  • Conceptual design of 320mm bore diesel engine family for marine application
  • Marine hybrid systems evaluation to enhance ship efficiency
  • Design of a low particulate matter combustion chamber for a 200mm bore diesel engine
  • Design of SCR aftertreatment systems for marine application.

Driveline & Transmissions:

  • Large transmission design review including gear, shaft and bearing analysis, structural optimization of internal components and casings, and lubrication system review
  • Investigation of bearing failures in large transmissions
  • Novel condition monitoring system for bearings and lubrication systems
  • Large stern drive transmission development
  • Outboard motor transmission development

Intelligent Transport Systems:

  • Design and development of unique, semi-autonomous aircraft tug
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  • Co-Driver project collating off-vehicle hazard warning data and presenting to the operator
  • FacITS project defining an ITS classification and analysis scheme to reduce vulnerabilities of ITS systems

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