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Engine Engineering

Ricardo has been active in the development and optimization of marine propulsion engines throughout its history. We fully understand the marine industry’s needs for exceptional robustness and reliability and also how these are increasingly compounded by the imperative to reduce fuel consumption and meet emissions regulations while also optimizing whole life operating costs.

An unparalleled portfolio of marine propulsion engine engineering services:

  • Complete new engine design and development programmes including large and medium speed diesel and gas engines
  • Engine upgrades for performance and/or emissions improvements
  • Calibration (IMO Tier 2 and Tier 3) and classification support
  • Unique and high value technical solutions to help any engine or ship builder fulfil their propulsion system requirements specifications
  • Strategy maps and market investigations
  • Manufacturing set-up and sourcing support
  • Supplier qualification, selection and management
  • One of the world’s leading large engine design teams with in-depth knowledge of the latest combustion, aftertreatment and control technologies
  • Cost, design and performance benchmarking
  • Failure investigations and problem resolution of existing propulsion systems

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