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Health and safety policy

Ricardo Group Health and Safety Policy Statement:

Ricardo plc is committed to achieve Health and Safety excellence.  Our activities and those of our contractors take into account the well-being of employees and all those that are affected by our operations.  We undertake to assist our employees and contractors to comply with their legal obligations and operate in a culture of safety first.

Our principle health and safety commitments are:

  • Taking responsibility for the care of our employees, contractors and all others by reducing the risk of harm to a minimum during work activities
  • To comply with and help formulate all Health & Safety legislation, codes of practice, regulatory controls and client requirements
  • To communicate our policies to our staff and stakeholders so that everyone knows and understands their responsibilities, are well trained and competent and are held accountable
  • To investigate and learn from all accidents and near misses, sharing best practice and efficiency improvements between divisions
  • To monitor performance and report progress, aiming for continual improvement and preventing injury and ill health
  • To verify compliance by certification to OHSAS 18001 in our main facilities
  • To drive a culture of ownership and excellence
  • To encourage our supply chain to commit to similar policies



Dave Shemmans (Chief Executive Officer)
April 30th 2014