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Performance Products

Ricardo Performance Products delivers high quality prototype and low volume manufacturing of complex products and assemblies ranging from engines, transmissions, electric motors and generators, battery packs and fuel cell systems to clean sheet special vehicle programmes.


CLICK HERE to view a video showcasing our manufacturing and assembly capabilities and case studies.

With extensive in-house machining, heat treatment, assembly and inspection facilities, we also manufacture a wide range of powertrain systems for motorsport and high performance production vehicles. In addition to its role in the internal operations, Ricardo’s manufacturing engineering team also provides a comprehensive and high quality manufacturing consultancy service.

Ricardo niche manufacture and assembly services: 

  • Design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) with components, assemblies and systems optimized to improve key customer requirements without sacrificing functionality
  • Reducing cost, complexity, assembly time, and warranty risk while improving utilization of materials
  • Product purchasing specification including technical requirements, measurement, inspection and testing procedures, and logistics
  • Process development including value stream mapping and flow definition, process layouts utilizing lean, six sigma and 5S principles and load balancing
  • Work station specification including fixture design, tooling, measurement systems, ergonomics, and quality techniques
  • Supplier qualification, selection and management, including auditing, and technical and quality improvement initiatives
  • Warranty optimization
  • Component and system level cost estimating and product benchmarking

Key benefits of the Ricardo service: 

  • Access to a world-class manufacturing engineering team with multi-product, multi-industry experience across a wide variety of products and production volumes
  • Full range capability from prototype to low volume niche and motorsport applications
  • Comprehensive supplier quality assurance and quality engineering processes and support
  • Ricardo provides a truly integrated product development and manufacturing capability

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