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Career Development

At RSC we know that successfully delivering high-value adding services to our demanding clients directly depends on our ability to retain and develop outstanding people - Our people are definitely our most valuable asset!
For this reason we provide opportunities, support and training for you to develop your career at RSC to the fullest of your capabilities.


RSC has a strong focus on the development of our consultants. Training and development at RSC doesn’t follow a rigid structure but depends on the consultants requirements and is selected to suit individual needs.

Formal training is, for example, delivered through specifically tailored, global training sessions for recent starters and supplemented by targeted training courses at every stage of your career path. These typically include classic consultancy skills training such as presentation and selling skills, but might also encompass more individualistic options, for instance intensive language courses.

Learning on the job is of course also very valued at Ricardo. Most of our consultants already join RSC with significant work experience, but our challenging and diverse project range and the quality of the people you will work with ensure that you continuously keep learning and developing.

Depending on the individual situation, RSC also supports team members who want to pursue an advanced degree. This support might be anything from a leave of absence to participation on tuition fees and living expenses.


During your career with RSC you will receive regular feedback on your performance to help and guide your development.

At RSC we believe in open and fair performance appraisals. Clearly communicated performance expectations provide a solid platform for discussion and review. Engagement Performance Evaluations after each project ensures that your development is recognized consistently throughout the year. These assignment appraisals also directly feed into our annual reviews, where overall performance outcomes are discussed and objectives for the next year are set.


Right from the start your professional development at RSC is supported and guided by a dedicated Coach. A senior colleague will help to make your first weeks at our firm run smoothly, explain you everything you need to know and be your first point of contact for any questions you might have.

As your career progresses, your Coach will help you to shape your personal development path and advise you in your day-to-day consulting work.

At RSC we are a very closely knit community and typically you will quickly get to know many colleagues who are eager to assist you with any issues you might have – thus in time you start to create a whole network of “Coaches” which will surely prove very valuable to you in many situation.

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