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Roles and Career Path

Ricardo Strategic Consulting is somewhere where talented and motivated people develop rapidly, taking on steady stream of new and complex challenges.

From the start you will be a valued asset in our team and fully integrated in our diverse, client-facing projects. As your career progresses you will manage increasingly complex work, lead project teams and become a valued advisor to our clients. 

Read on to learn about our roles at RSC and what your career path might look like

Strategic Consulting Career Path

Business Analyst

At RSC, a Business Analyst is a fully-fledged consultant and member of a project team right from day one.

Typically your tasks will include:

  • Working on individual project assignments and taking over responsibilities for discrete project modules 
  • Conducting qualitative research and interviews 
  • Performing market and data analysis 
  • Developing client presentations

During this phase you will learn all the skills of the consulting trade by closely working with your more experienced project team members, and through targeted training modules. You will work on a wide variety of different projects and taking on increasing responsibility for project delivery.

Business Analysts will typically aim to be promoted to Consultant level after 2-3 years in their role.

Christopher Kallhoff, Business Analyst, RSC Central Europe, Germany

“During my studies at the University of Bremen, I gained work experience participating in several industrial projects for the university’s junior enterprise consulting, e.g. in the aerospace industry and the automotive industry. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Management, I established a business consulting focused on process optimization for mid-sized companies in the manufacturing industry. Before completing my Master’s degree (also in Engineering and Management) I worked for the in-house consulting of a German automotive OEM. This gave me the opportunity to write my Master’s thesis at the OEM’s Latin-American offshore site, developing a framework to improve local supply chain and quality management at low wage locations.

I decided to join the Central European team of Ricardo Strategic Consulting in 2014 because I was fascinated of RSC’s strategic and technology consulting capabilities. 

Since joining I have already worked on several international projects covering different topics, e.g. a market entrance strategy in the off-highway industry, an aftersales strategy for an automotive OEM, and an electric vehicle market study including technology analysis.”


Consultants at Ricardo are the core of a consulting team and lead substantial portions of the engagement, from pre-proposal research through to final implementation.

Our Consultants manage such tasks as:

  • Responsibility for one or more project modules
  • Performing high-value qualitative and quantitative research
  • Synthesizing conclusions into recommendations
  • Supporting senior team members in delivering presentations
  • Working with senior team members to implement project recommendations

When Consultants are ready for the next level of responsibility, they move on to the Manager level.

Alex Zhang, Consultant, RSC China

“After graduating from Fudan University Management School in China with a Bachelor degree in statistics, I worked for a global leading IT company in the supply chain operation centre for the Asia Pacific region. After this, I worked for a US based leading management consulting firm. I joined RSC in November 2011 as I decided to transition my career from operational consulting to strategic consulting. 

Ricardo Strategic Consulting really gives me an excellent platform to work on strategic topics and thus develop my strategic thinking mindset. I have worked on a variety of projects - market and competitor studies, commercial due diligences as well as product & technology strategy projects for both automotive clients and financial investors. 

I am deeply impressed by the international RSC colleagues who have strong expertise in the automotive business, highest level of professionalism and dedication in delivering projects as well as bringing true value to clients. I truly enjoy working with such a group of top level talents and I am looking forward to new challenging and exciting tasks down the road.”

Aneesh Padalkar, Consultant, RSC North America, USA

“I joined Ricardo Strategic Consulting to complement my automotive engineering background with experience in tackling business management challenges surrounding this sector. Following my Bachelor’s from the University of Pune (India), and Master’s from the University of Michigan – both in Mechanical Engineering – I worked at a global automotive supplier for five years in the area of Vehicle Dynamics. Ricardo’s unique value proposition in technical and management consulting in automotive and other transportation fields aligned with my long-term goals.

Here at RSC, I have had the opportunity to work on a wide spectrum of engagements such as R&D roadmap strategy, integrated cost reduction, product portfolio strategy etc., initially as team member and then as leader. It’s a privilege to work on insightful projects with a group of highly talented consultants who always encourage professional development. Ricardo prides itself on high standards of output while maintaining a balanced work-life mix and close camaraderie amongst team-members. We create a fast-paced growth environment yet an enjoyable work culture.”


Managers are a central figure within our organization. As a Manager you will truly own the client problem and often form the hub of a specific assignment. Managers will hold an important role at every stage of the project and thus typical tasks might be:

  • Overall responsibility for smaller projects or for specific project modules in large projects
  • Structuring the project process for the assigned modules 
  • Operational project management in relation to clients and colleagues 
  • Contributing to acquisition strategies 
  • Preparing and delivering high-impact presentations


Leslie Bednarz, Manager, RSC North America, USA

“After completing my BSME from the University of Michigan, I worked for the automotive interiors group of Johnson Controls, for over 5 years. During my time at JCI, I worked in both engineering and commercial roles while completing my MBA in the evening. Shortly after receiving my MBA, I joined Ricardo Strategic Consulting and I have worked on a wide variety of projects for a diverse selection of clients.

My management consulting experience has both complemented and expanded my previous industry experience.

While at Ricardo Strategic Consulting, I have worked on projects varying from competitive benchmarking & product strategy to integrated cost reduction and a new market entry strategy for non-automotive clients. My experience at Ricardo Strategic Consulting has been invaluable, and I am a proud member of a team that is comprised of top-rated colleagues who deliver and exceed client expectations.”

Srihari Mulgund, Manager, RSC India

“I spent over ten years in the automotive industry after graduating from University of Toledo. My initial career was spent working for a Japanese Tier-1 supplier following by a 6 year stint at one of the Big-3 OEMs in the USA. While I honed my engineering skills in the industry, my curiosity to learn about various business functions prompted me to get an MBA. After graduating from University of
Michigan, I was looking for a career in strategy while leveraging my expertise in automotive industry. Ricardo Strategic Consulting offered me that ideal environment. As a Manager, I am responsible for overall project delivery and managing client expectations during engagements. 

At Ricardo Strategic Consulting, I have had the privilege to serve several automotive OEMs, suppliers and private equity investors on engagements ranging from market/product strategy to strategic sourcing to due diligence.

My experience at Ricardo Strategic Consulting has been extremely satisfying. What separates us from our competitors is our ability to provide “deep and realistic” advise to our clients on strategic issues. Working with a global team that consists of industry experts and auto enthusiast makes the job even more rewarding.”

Principal and Vice President

Principals at Ricardo are widely recognized for their expertise in their chosen area of specialization. After having proven yourself as Principal you will take the next step on your career path and become Vice President. 

As a seasoned expert you will use your profound experience and knowledge to manage tasks such as: 

  • Delivering large and complex projects
  • Analyzing and interpreting new or emerging client needs and turning them into successful projects 
  • Assuming full client relationship responsibility with specific business development targets
  • Engaging strongly in personnel management and development


James Passemard, Principal, RSC Northern Europe, UK

“I joined RSC in 2011 with 14 years of management experience with the automotive OEMs industry and a proven track record of delivery within Manufacturing, Purchasing, Industrial Engineering and Product Development functions.

As a Principal with RSC, I thrive on the challenge of supporting OEMs, Suppliers, Private Equity firms and Government institutions across a variety of intellectually challenging projects. The opportunity to gain insight and influence industry sectors such as passengers cars, trucks, defence, off-highway, aerospace and clean energy provides an unequalled experience and overview.

My role is to lead teams of consultants to effectively deliver large, complex projects whilst enhancing client relationships and developing new business opportunities. Although my role is both incredibly challenging and enjoyable, I feel privileged to work with world class companies and top calibre consultants within the global RSC team in the most dynamic and demanding technology areas.”

Simon Schnurrer, Vice President, RSC Central Europe, Germany

“After graduating from the University of Mannheim, I joined a large international strategy consulting firm as a member of their automotive and industry practice group. My next career step was to become team leader in the strategic marketing department of a high-end sports car manufacturer, before I went back to consulting after several years in industry. As a Vice President at Ricardo Strategic Consulting, I amresponsible for the development of new business and for the management of large and complex projects. Furthermore I support intellectual capital development and firm building (e.g. recruiting). I have acquired and led projects for many large automotive manufacturers, suppliers and high-tech companies worldwide, mostly on strategy topics with top management visibility. 

I truly enjoy working in RSC’s highly skilled international team with colleagues who share the same enthusiasm about the automotive industry. Yet, Ricardo Strategic Consulting also offers me to look beyond the automotive sector, as many of the real "game changers" in today’s market require competence from several industries.”

Managing Director

At the most senior level, Directors actively shape the face of Ricardo Strategic Consulting.

Our Directors are recognized thought leader in their area of expertise and are sought out by clients and colleagues alike for this. As a Director at RSC you will have to have a proven track-recording of succeeding in client projects and winning business as well as demonstrate excellent leadership skills and have the ability to inspire.

Directors drive the achievement of RSC business objectives at market unit and client level and in addition often bear responsibility for specific fields of expertise. They also take the lead in areas such as strategic business and personnel development

Ian Kershaw, Managing Director, RSC Northern Europe, UK

“As a Managing Director at Ricardo Strategic Consulting Northern Europe, I am responsible for improving the profitability and competitiveness of our clients, coaching and growing a talented team of Ricardo Strategic Consulting consultants and contributing to Ricardo's overall financial performance and pool of expertise. The foundations of my career were in line management roles in R&D, manu-
facturing and finance at a vehicle manufacturer and a major tier 1 power train supplier. After 13 years in the automotive industry, an Engineering degree and a Cranfield MBA, I spent seven years with blue chip global strategy consultancies before joining Ricardo at the beginning of 2004.

Our team supports an amazing selection of clients, including car, commercial vehicle, e-mobility 2-wheeler & construction equipment manufacturers, their suppliers, power utilities, global manufacturers of electricity generation and transmission equipment, European government institutions, and a number of private equity firms.”

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