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With more people having access to affordable air travel infrastructure, the industry is expected to continue its positive development. Commercial aircraft manufacturers have record order books and are trying to increase the timely delivery of aircraft to customers.

Air traffic demand is shifting from traditional traffic routes to and from North America, Europe and Japan to Asia/Pacific routes.

Over the course of the last few years the industry landscape has experienced changes affecting the entire aerospace value chain from aircraft manufacturing and supply chain, aircraft operators, infrastructure developers and airport management companies as well as Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) companies.

Commercial aircraft manufacturer need to balance their capital intensive product development cycles with meeting new emissions and fuel legislations, integrating a globalizing supply base while at the same time fending off threats from new entrants.

Why choose Ricardo

Ricardo has a long tradition of serving clients from the aerospace industry. We work together with aircraft manufacturers and support clients in the MRO industry to cope with globalizing markets in the same way we support tier 1 and 2 suppliers to successfully develop and implement strategic transformations and achieve operational performance improvement leveraging our extensive experience in strategy, operations, systems and technology expertise from the automotive industry.

RSC has successfully delivered projects to the aerospace industry from hands-on operational improvements to high-level strategy development projects, such as:

  • Manufacturing line ramp-up support across multiple international plants
  • Shortening of engineering development cycle through integrated product development by using innovative concepts from our experience in the automotive industry
  • Reducing manufacturing costs through global manufacturing footprint/ strategy implementation
  • Shop floor/in-plant process improvement & cost reduction implementations
  • Complexity management & complexity reduction
  • Engineering excellence & engineering best practices/benchmarking
  • Technology & innovation management
  • Program management best practices and Change Management
  • Market analysis and market entry strategy
  • Purchasing and supply chain management

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