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Commercial Vehicles

The commercial vehicle and affiliated industries are also among the most sophisticated and demanding users of Ricardo’s consulting services.

With extensive experience on trucks and buses as well as special purpose vehicles, RSC leverages in-depth product understanding and marketing know-how to provide impactful organizational support.

OEMs of commercial vehicles operate under difficult market conditions. Manufactureres must balance the downward price pressure stemming from increased global competition against the additional costs of complying with multinational emission standards, the result is a squeeze on profits.  In parallel, continued stagnation of traditional core markets highlights the need to build market share in the emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.

With nearly a century of specialist expertise that extends to every segment of the industry and along the entire value chain, Ricardo is one of the world's leading automotive engineering and consulting firms.  Experienced RSC consultants are currently working with OEMs, suppliers, retailers, financial institutions and governments to navigate the difficult waters industry faces.

Why choose Ricardo

Globally, we are among the most well recognized strategy consultancies to the commercial vehicle industry with a track record in delivering over more than 100 high impact projects. We have a long history of close collaboration with our commercial vehicle clients and are able to help clients solve the most sophisticated and challenging issues facing commercial vehicle manufacturers. 

A sampling of recent projects illustrates the breadth and depth of RSC´s expertise and leadership in the commercial vehicles consulting arena:

  • Major design cost reduction program on a new heavy duty engine project and major vehicle platform
  • Set up and operational ´clean-up office´ to support the largest recall action in the history of commercial vehicles
  • Pricing and costing of commercial vehicle service contracts achieving turnaround of loss making business
  • Developed global quality management processes and organization
  • Redesign of the overall engineering and purchasing organization
  • Development of financial and repair & maintenance solutions to boost after-sales profitability
  • Modelling of engineering costs at the early stages of program decision making and budget planning
  • Sales ramp-up for biggest European market including reorganization of retail division and alignment of sales & distribution processes

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