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The nature of warfare is changing in the 21st Century. Government Defense departments face significant challenges to ensure that ongoing operations are supported with appropriate equipment while meeting budget constraints.

The new combat environment is demanding new strategies for Defense vehicles, with increased personnel protection against a wider range of threats, suitable for rapid deployment in rough terrain areas. This demand for new capability is offset by the increasing complexity and cost of battlefield technology and constant government focus on military spending.

RSC recognizes the inherent challenges of rapidly developing the required new vehicle and application families, while managing dual pressures from the military end-users and the government.

Why choose Ricardo

The global RSC team applies expertise from government, automotive and aerospace industry experience and use proven methodologies to deliver solutions for these changing Defense vehicle needs. We have extensive experience in working with both Defence firms and with Government agencies in the development and engineering of defence applications; from conversion of existing platforms for specialist use, through integration of sub-systems, to the development of clean sheet of paper base-platforms and advanced technologies.

Recent examples of our Defense project engagement include:

  • Align strategic objectives with new technology introduction and engineering development projects
  • Manage complex and sensitive vehicle integration programs to meet multi-faceted demands and objectives
  • Develop and co-ordinate supply chain initiatives to improve quality and cost performance
  • Implement lean production principles to create visibility and reduce lead-times in vehicle manufacturing
  • Assess the product launch readiness of new vehicles and derive actions for risk mitigation

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