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High Performance Vehicles & Motorsport

Motorsport is fast and demanding. Flexible and lean processes are crucial to deliver flawless and exceptional results under incredible time pressure.

Recent economic developments and an increasing demand for ecological and social responsibilities prompted a fundamental reconsideration of business models, products and markets.

Manufacturers of high performance sports vehicles face difficult conflicts of objectives: They need to deliver best-in-class-performance, reliability, and feasibility to maintain and service. High product development costs are pitted against low production volumes and short product life-cycles. Thus, processes focused on high performance vehicles must draw on the best available mainstream processes, but adapt to deliver optimum value from relatively limited resources.

Manufacturers need to understand the specific market conditions and customer demands in regions with only short history in motorsports but intense striving for performance and success. An additional key challenge for the industry is the integration of new performance and socio/environmentally critical technologies (hybrid/ electric, biofuels).

Cost management remains a focus topic for motorsports, whereas high performance vehicle customers show increasingly sophisticated expectations driven by mainstream vehicle technologies.

Why choose Ricardo

Ricardo Strategic Consulting has significant experience developing technology strategies and deploying latest technologies tailor-made for high-performance vehicle manufacturers and motorsport clients.

  • Design and implementation of product development and production management processes
  • Development of major new race tracks, consulting for motorsport events and international racing series
  • Crafting and realization of sales and marketing strategies for high performance vehicles
  • Scrutinizing and rethinking of product strategies for motorsport and high performance vehicles

Latest RSC Success Stories in High Performance Vehicles & Motorsport

  • Technology strategy, technical development, and implementation of KERS (kinetic energy recovery) in Formula 1
  • Product development process redesign for high performance automotive manufacturer with a focus on delivering high levels of technical risk to time/cost 
  • Improvement of the manufacturing performance of a leading motorsport engine manufacturer during the race season
  • Implementation of cost down activities across all vehicle systems for a high performance vehicle manufacturer
  • PD process refinement for a leading F1 engine supplier, focusing on organizational acceptance and enabling data driven decisions
  • Study in international motor sports, including race team requirement analysis, global trends (e.g. green motor sports) and perspective of different race series

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