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Passenger Cars

The automotive and affiliated industries are amongst the most sophisticated and demanding users of consulting services.

Today’s clients require broader and deeper capabilities from the management consultancies that have traditionally served the industry. RSC’s unique value proposition is the coupling of technical and management consulting capabilities allowing us to address strategic issues with product implications.

Ricardo Strategic Consulting works with the world's leading automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers, as well as private equity firms and investment banks in assignments throughout the passenger car industry.We are recognized as one of the world’s leading strategy consultancies in the automotive & transportation sphere and combine the best of two worlds – deep technical expertise with outstanding management consulting capabilities. 

Our unique positioning allows RSC to offer clients a broad range of activities in strategic planning, research and development, operational support and improvement, program management, and aftermarket & sales while providing the capability to go deeper into technical issues such as process design & implementation and integrated cost reduction – areas where traditional strategy consultancies are unable to participate.

Why choose Ricardo

We have worked on over 200 passenger car related projects. These projects have included outline product and portfolio strategy, product development, organizational restructuring, operational improvements, sales and marketing, and aftermarket sales and support.

With a solid industry background and profound management consulting skills our consulting staff have direct experience working with client contacts across all positions from shop floor operations through to senior management.

Since our strategic consulting division has access to and the support of the broader Ricardo engineering team, we can access passenger car subject matter experts to gain insight into leading edge technology. Together with our technical colleagues we offer service and support across the industry harnessing the latest technology and trends to deliver dependable projects and solutions.

RSC has a reputation for delivering high quality passenger car projects across the entire value chain with clients utilizing on our services on an ongoing basis.

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