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Railways provided the first means of mass transportation at the start of the industrial revolution and have remained an integral element of the intermodal transport mix.  

The rail industry is continuing an up-cycle driven by economic and environmental pressure. Worldwide market growth is taking place with new projects in emerging markets as well as continuous replacement of rolling stock and infrastructure in more advanced markets. Demand is rising for all kind of trains from high speed inter-city trains to commuter trains and trams.  

The economic environment for the industry remains complex as rail operators in many markets are state owned. Even where liberalization of the rail market has taken place, such as in most of Europe, many companies still have to consider national policy objectives. This also impact rail suppliers as procurement of rolling stock very often depends on state transport policies and programs.  

Rail has become a real player in governments’ transport strategies and consumers’ choices, but being environmentally friendly will not be enough. Rail equipment manufacturers, train operators, carriages and infrastructure supplier are all facing competitive pressure to meet performance and efficiency targets. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is becoming an increasingly important purchasing criterion as rail operators look to maximize their return on investment and asset utilisation while at the same time minimize warranty costs. Rail transport consumers are now demanding quicker, more reliable and flexible services while comparing different transportation options to reduce costs.  

Why choose Ricardo

RSC’s broad expertise, gained from extensive project work within the rail sector and in relevant fields of affiliated industries, enables us to effectively support players on all levels of the rail value chain.  

Our experience ranges from the creation to the seamless implementation of strategies. We have supported rail clients in acquisitions, post-merger integration, turn around programs, product quality and warranty cost reduction projects.  

RSC is uniquely positioned to support rail clients in key strategic areas such as:

  • Design to cost optimization 
  • Strategic sourcing (for manufacturing and after-sales) 
  • Manufacturing operations improvement 
  • Complexity management (product & process) 
  • High value problem resolution and warranty reduction 
  • Service and maintenance business optimization 
  • Total cost of ownership assessment and reduction 
  • Supplier management and integration 
  • Product and service design optimization 
  • Customer satisfaction management

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