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Market and Economic Analysis

Market Analysis

For many organizations, growth is only achievable through taking risks. Whether this means entering a new market, creating a new product, increasing production capacity or investing in a target company, all options present some degree of uncertainty. Fully understanding the dynamics of a market and its key trends is absolutely crucial in order to reduce the risk and maximize revenue and market share.

Economic Analysis

In tough economic times, resources within an organization are scarce and must be allocated in the most effective way possible. Every decision to invest in technology, infrastructure or another company must be based on sound economic analysis. In order to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI), an organization first needs to have a thorough understanding of both the potential revenue stream and costs involved, and importantly, how these are likely to change in the future. This requires intimate knowledge of the market, competition, regulation, supply chain and technologies involved.

Why choose Ricardo

RSC has the experience and deep sector expertise needed to provide detailed market and economic analyses to our clients. We offer unparalleled insight into the automotive and energy markets by combining RSC’s commercial perspective with the technical expertise of Ricardo. Our rigorous and exhaustive approach provides our clients with independent analysing areas such as project/company valuations, technical and economic feasibility studies, Merger and Acquisition (M&A) support and transactional Due Diligence (DD).

Some examples of the market and economic analyses RSC has provided include:      

  • A large multi-client analysis looking at the future demand for oil for the next 25 years across all stationary and non-stationary sectors
  • Market entry studies for various automotive clients and associated automotive industries (including potential take-over candidate assessment)
  • Studies on development and market penetration of future automotive powertrains (e.g. EV, PHEV, Hybrid volume forecast model development for automotive OEMs, etc.) and technology roadmaps
  • Global market study for key European tooling companies on worldwide development of the aerospace supplier industry and potential market entry sectors on component level
  • Various competitor benchmarking studies (e.g. engineering department effectiveness, after sales product benchmarks, sales force effectiveness, etc.)

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