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Marketing, Sales & Services

Today’s world of marketing & sales is in a phase of transition where different media channels and technologies are converging, product and pricing information is readily available, brand identity and image are becoming increasingly important, and customers are expecting high level of service.

Companies are faced with increasing competitive environments in which capturing and retaining customer profitably is a great challenge.

Organizations need to understand customer requirements and track customer behaviour in the fast changing global environment. Building up and maintaining a well recognized brand profile offers customers orientation and identification. In converging global economic conditions the effective interaction between marketing, sales and service is a key enabler to improving a company’s profit. It’s becoming increasingly important how companies structure and carry out their sales efforts – using innovative tools and methods, ensuring the right channel for product groups, aligning the sales force with customers, increasing sales productivity, developing new customer segments to ensure future growth prospects.

Why choose Ricardo

Ricardo Strategic Consulting has gained extensive experience in supporting clients to maneuver through the challenges and pitfalls of marketing and brand management as well as helping to shape state-of-the-art sales forces and effective sales methods. Services we cover include:

  • Brand strategy and brand management
  • Development of Customer Relationship Management strategies
  • Development of customer satisfaction and loyalty programs
  • After-sales strategies and service portfolio definition
  • Pricing strategies and pricing systems for product lines, options and bundles
  • Product planning and cycle management
  • Launch management and go-to-market strategies
  • Sales planning, including market forecast and volume modelling
  • Market channel assessments, dealer performance management, dealer margin models, sales incentives, and direct sales
  • Sales force benchmarking and training

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