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Quality & High Value Problem Resolution (HVPR)

Ricardo Strategic Consulting offers support services in the key areas of quality and problem resolution.

 Given the high importance of quality assurance we are able to support with a suite of services, these cover process and plant operations auditing, inspection, test and fool proof process support, quality systems design and application to meet relevant customer and international standards as well as practical implementation of this suite of tools.

In addition our structured High Value Problem Resolution (HVPR) approach follows a proven methodology to deal with significant problematic issues.

By conducting detailed cause investigation, test and replication and identification of true root cause we can plan, implement and validate countermeasure actions to successfully resolve high value issues.

Why choose Ricardo

Our team has been engaged in many projects covering both quality and high value problem resolution. This ranges from structuring the quality management process in a product development cycle for a major automotive OEM to quality audit assignments verifying plant and process compliance in addition indentifying opportunities for improvements.

Where significant problems existed, we have worked with OEM’s and suppliers through our structured HVPR approach. These projects have included significant warranty issues on mechanical and electrical systems, reliability assessment and improvement. Experience in these service line offerings covers many industry sectors including automotive, industrial, aerospace, and rail.

In our quality and HVPR service offerings we provide project staffing with extensive practical industry experience. Many of our consultants grew knowledge and ability in careers in industry prior to joining Ricardo. This brings a breadth of real world knowledge and proven ability.

Together with our competent consultant staff we often work on these assignments with the Ricardo technical team, which allows us to harness and use the deep technical knowledge of these subject matter experts to identify true root cause and develop robust countermeasures.

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