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Research & Development Management

The contexts in which companies operate today are fast changing and only the most adopt organizations will be able to stay ahead of the competitive landscape.

Particularly in industries involving complex product designs and long development cycles appropriate management of technology and innovation processes are key to gaining competitive advantage.

New technologies are inherently important to differentiate your product in the eye of the immediate customer as well as end consumer. The product portfolio has to respond to social trends, consumer taste, issues such as environmental sustainability, rising emerging market economies, legislative pressures and demographic disparity.  

Innovation is a continuous process. Best practice companies manage the processes of creative technology development and budgetary constraints in an integrated manner. Successful R&D Management helps to link business strategy with the company’s product portfolio. It takes into account the dynamics of new technologies and new possibilities they can provide to customers, OEMs and suppliers in all parts of the product life cycle. The innovation process is a balance between engineering freedom and commercial feasibility.

Why choose Ricardo

Ricardo Strategic Consulting routinely supports companies in shaping their innovation processes and developing technology and product strategies. We are your peer to peer sparring partner that understands engineering organizations in all segments of the manufacturing industry. Key areas of support include:

  • Engineering organization benchmarks and best practice solutions
  • Creation of  technology and product roadmaps
  • Product architecture management and model policy
  • Evaluation of  new technologies and definition of insertion strategies
  • Analysis and improvement of  product and technology planning processes

Ricardo Strategic Consulting has a clear perspective on engineering and R&D best practices that can help companies get ahead of competition. We regularly exchange our ideas and experience with key engineering heads of leading companies and continually study industry specific best practices. Since 1999, we have developed technology roadmaps for 12 major technology areas, which we update annually. We also support the automotive technology roadmap report from auto business UK which is currently undergoing an update as well

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