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Corporate and Business Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Organizations constantly have to transform themselves to continue growing in today’s fast changing business environment. However, being strategically agile is not easy for today’s leading automotive and energy companies, long accustomed to a period of industry consolidation and growth through increasing capacity. Business leaders need to revisit their organizational portfolio periodically to decide what will continue to be their core focus or competency and what to do with non-core businesses.

Corporate strategy not only involves choosing the right plan for growth today, but also ensuring that the company can quickly react to dynamic marketplaces and competitive environments.

Business Strategy

A good business plan is just the starting point and can soon become outdated. However falling behind in a tough environment, making poor investment decisions or focusing on the wrong product or service could mean a long term disadvantage or even a shake out of the race.

The automotive and energy sectors are on the verge of a new area, the green age, where the future is increasingly being shaped by environmental legislation and other issues such as demographic disparity, emerging market economic growth and changing customer behavior. Existing business models are further complicated by competition from lower cost developing markets, industry deregulation and technology convergence, and must be re-assessed on an ongoing basis. More important than ever companies need to wisely put their assets to use to successfully compete in today’s tough market conditions.

Why choose Ricardo

Our consulting approach combines extensive industry knowledge with rigorous, fact-based analyses to determine the optimal strategies for a corporation or business unit. Having access to know-how of one of the world’s leading engineering consultancies enables us to bring in our own unique viewpoints on markets or industries.

Specific areas where we can add value include:

  • Developing corporate portfolio strategy
  • Indentifying strategic partners for joint venture, partnering on product development and merger or acquisition
  • Spin-off or sale of non-core business units
  • Outlining organizational structures to improve efficiency and agility
  • Creating and redefining business plans
  • Designing market entry strategies
  • Organizational and specific business unit benchmarks

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