Available Papers

A library of technical papers has been assembled to help the client learn more on how ENGDYN has been used in real life applications throughout many different industries.  Many of the papers provided contain data from experiements along with corresponding simulation results for the purpose of establishing and validating the capabilities of the programs.

  • Crankshaft Durability of Rover K-Series Engine: Comparison of ENGDYN Analysis with Dynamic Measurements, click here
  • Noise and Vibration Optimization of a Gasoline Engine, click here
  • Prediction of Friction in Motorsport Engines, click here
  • A Comparison of Predicted and Measured Journal Bearing Performance Characteristics, click here
  • Oil Film Thickness Simulations and Measurements of a Main Bearing in a High Speed DI Engine Using Reduced Engine Speed, click here

Here are just some of the other ENGDYN papers which are available through SAE and other journals:

  • Carden, P., Pisani, C., Emannuel, L., Field, I., Devine, M., Schoeni, A., and Beyer, P., “Calculation of crank train friction in a heavy duty truck engine and comparison with measured data,” Proc IMechE Part J:J Engineering Tribology 227(2) 168–184

  • Aziz, F., N., A., Yusof, M., Y., Carden, P., Bell, D., and Zuhdi, M., F., “4 Versus 8 Counterweights for a I4 Gasoline Engine Crankshaft - Measurements of Vibration and Bearing Wear,” (SAE 2009-01-1938)

  • Zuhdi, N., Aziz, F., N., A., Carden, P., and Bell, D., “4 Versus 8 Counterweights for an I4 Gasoline Engine Crankshaft - Analytical Comparison,” (SAE 2008-01-0088)

  • Fooks M., Harrison, J., Bell, D., and Govett H., “A Study Considering the Influence of the Connecting Rod Structure on Big End Bearing Performance,” CIMAC, CIMAC World Congress on Combustion Engine, 25 - Congres International des Machines a Combustion (CIMAC) / 2007 / 20070607433

  • Zuhdi, N., Carden, P., and Bell, D., “Design and Analysis of a Lightweight Crankshaft for a Racing Motorcycle Engine,” (SAE 2007-01-0265)

  • Govett, H., and Bell, D., “Crankshaft Main Bearing Analysis – a Comparison of Analysis Methods,” Tribology 2006 Conference: Surface Engineering and Tribology for Future Engines and Drivelines, I.Mech.E, London, UK; Jul 2006.

  • March, J., Ward, A., Bennett, C., J., and Towalski, C., R., “Achieving Diesel Vehicle Appeal - Part 2: Powertrain NVH Perspective,” (SAE 2005-01-2489)

  • Gulwadi, S., and Shrimpling, G., “Journal Bearing Analysis in Engines Using Simulation Techniques” (SAE 2003-01-0245)

  • Druschitz, A., P., Warrick, R., J., Grimley, P., R., Towalski, C., R., Killion, D., L., and Marlow, R., “Influence of Crankshaft Material and Design of the NVH Characteristics of a Modern, Aluminum Block, V-6 Engine,”  (SAE 1999-01-1225)

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