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Crankshaft Analysis

ENGDYN was originally developed to study the dynamics of the crankshaft and it’s interaction with the cylinder block. As such crankshaft analysis is at the core of the program. ENGDYN provides two methods of solution for predicting crankshaft durability, incorporating both a classical approach using simple beam theory as well as a more advanced finite element approach for more definitive studies. ENGDYN calculates both the quasi-static and vibratory loads on the crankshaft, and automatically sets up the necessary FE analysis. With it’s inbuilt fatigue module ENGDYN can also provide both multi-axial and Goodman durability calculations for the key design areas on the crankshaft.


  • Crankshaft stress, fatigue and durability analysis

Key Features

  • Concept level and fully 3D FEA solutions
  • Automatic loading of FE models for solution
  • Additional external loads
  • Separation of static and vibration loading
  • Effect of surface treatment on material strength
      - Fillet rolling, nitriding, induction hardening etc.
  • Stress concentration and fatigue notch factors considered
  • Uni-axial and multi-axial fatigue algorithms included

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