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Noise and Vibration

ENGDYN incorporates an advanced NVH post-processor which allows the user to back-substitute the ENGDYN solution onto a three-dimensional FEA model of the powertrain or ancillary components and to predict nodal vibrations in the structure. These vibrations can be used to predict stresses due to the dynamic loading or by using either the integrated Rayleigh or Boundary Element Method (BEM) acoustic solvers these vibrations can be used to predict structure borne radiated noise.


  • Vibration Analysis
  • Vibrational stressing of powertrain components
  • Engine mount structural analysis
  • Radiated noise predictions

Key Features

  • Integrated NVH module
  • Automated analysis set up and control
  • Integrated FEA interface
  • Ability to work with any major commercial FE solver
  • Rayleigh and BEM solutions for radiated noise calculations
  • Post-processing
      - Structural attenuation
      - Order plots and Campbell diagrams
      - 3D contour plots
      - Animation of modes, and displacements...
      - Sound intensity aid power
      - Sound pressure

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