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Range of Solutions

ENGDYN has been desinged to be used throughout the engine design programme-from the early concept studies right through to detailed investigations of fully dynamic systems.  ENGDYN achieves this by providing a range of modelling levels and solution methods in each area, from the simple to the complex.

ENGDYN‘s application range is also expanded by linking with other packages such as VALDYN and MATLAB/Simulink to perform fully coupled co-simulations with data passed between the codes at each time step. The links with VALDYN are fully integrated and allow systems such as the FEAD/READ or camshaft assemblies to be fully integrated with the powertrain analysis.


  • Load prediction
  • Bearing analysis
  • Crankshaft durability
  • Connecting rod durability
  • NVH

Key Features

  • Full range of input models 
    - Concept studies 
    - Rigid or with defined compliancy 
    - Full 3D FE models 
    - Compliant or dynamic systems 
    - Linear and non-linear oil film modelsFull range of solutions 
    - Determinate 
    - Indeterminate 
    - DynamicQuasi static and dynamic load prediction 
    - Torsional Vibration 
    - Axial and bending vibration
  • Mobility method and EHL bearing solution
  • Rayleigh and boundary element noise predictions
  • Co-simulation with VALDYN and 3rd party programs

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