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What is FEARCE?

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FEARCE is a finite element (FE) pre and post-processing environment written specifically to support engine and vehicle analysis. It has been developed to ensure a robust analysis process that quickly delivers results that are reliable, repeatable and traceable.

FEARCE acts as an interface to integrate each stage of an FE analysis, from assembling of component models into larger systems, through the application of loads and boundary conditions to the solution and postprocessing of results. FEARCE adds automation to these key tasks so that complex analyses can be performed quickly and accurately whilst ensuring common processes are identical between iterations.


Key Features

  • An integrated GUI provides a single environment for all key stages in the process
  • A unique network approach allows a user to construct complex FE assemblies from component models in a part store
  • Automatic joining of interfaces between components
    - All types of connectivity can be applied including advanced non linear
      interfaces such as contact joins and structural or thermal gaps
    - Dissimilar meshes can be joined using multi point constraints
    - All connectivity is automatically checked with conflicts, fixes and
      warnings flagged and documented
  • Easy application of force, pressure or displacement loads to the system
    - Bearing profiles automatically added to load surfaces
  • Automatic mapping of boundary conditions from external sources
    - Thermal HTCs interpolated directly from CFD models
    - Thermal or mechanical loads mapped directly from separate FE models
  • Internal linear solver and translators to automatically set up solution decks for all major 3rd party FE packages
  • Full suite of post processing tools, including
    - Plots and animations
    - Loadcase combination and factoring
    - Bore, bearing and valve distortion studies
    - Durability analyses
    - NVH studies

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