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Model Assembly

Models can be aligned in space interactively through the GUI by identifying key contact points. All subsequent transformations are displayed and documented for reference.

Connectivity between contact surfaces is defined identifying surface geometry rather than relying on the individual node ID’s of the models.  This allows components to be easily replaced within assemblies whilst retaining the same physical joins. Mating surfaces can be defined using the FEARCE GUI – or with 3rd party modelling packages if preferred.

FEARCE also provides tools for the automatic generation of bolts. This can either be done using a simplified beam model where the user defines the head and thread contact regions along with the bolt shaft diameter and material. FEARCE will then generate the correct beam and connection.  Alternatively FEARCE can also generate solid bolts from dimensions supplied by the user.

Key Features

  • Importing component models from different sources
  • Scaling, translation and transformation of models for assembly
  • Copying of repeated components (e.g. valve seats) to reduce modelling overhead
  • Joins are based on mating surfaces rather than node numbers – allowing for changes to be made easily
  • Various types of connections (e.g. slide, contact, weld, thermal and structural gaps) can be generated automatically
  • Automatic joining of dissimilar meshes using multi point constraints
  • Automatic checking of assemblies with conflicts, fixes and warnings flagged
  • Automatic generation of bolts

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