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FEARCE includes an advanced NVH module for vibration and sound prediction.The FEARCE NVH module carries out vibration analyses on models by performing a forced response after a modal analysis has been run. A sinusoidal forcing function is applied to the mode shapes as a Fourier loading on individual nodes in the frequency domain. This loading is then solved to calculate the resulting contribution of each mode. Finally, the modal contributions are combined to give complex vibration levels for each forcing frequency. Output can be in either the time or frequency domain. Calculated values are nodal displacement, velocity and acceleration spectra.

As a part of the vibration tools, FEARCE can carry out radiated noise analyses. Methods include the Rayleigh integral as well as the boundary element method (BEM). Noise outputs include dBA weighted, narrow band or 1/3 Octaves, noise intensity contours, audible noise synthesis (*.wav), total sound power and Campbell diagrams. Vibration results can also be exported to SYSNOISE® for further post processing

Key Features
  • Direct and indirect vibration solutions
  • Rayleigh and BEM solution methods
  • Automatic creation of BEM meshes

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