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Thermal Boundary Conditions

FEARCE has unique capabilities for the prediction of temperatures incombustion systems. In powertrain analysis the accurate determination of the temperature distribution at key operating conditions is critical to component design. FEARCE has been developed specifically to address these needs and so provides a number of tools for the application of thermal boundary conditions to an FE analysis.

For coolant side boundary conditions, FEARCE can quickly and efficiently map fluid temperature and heat transfer coefficients (HTC’s) from CFD analysis onto the appropriate coolant surfaces of the FE models. This can be done by either linking directly into Ricardo’s VECTIS CFD code, or by mapping from ASCII tables of co-ordinate temperature and HTC values output from any major CFD solver. In addition to linking directly to VECTIS to extract results, the FEARCE GUI can also display the VECTIS models allowing an engineer to visualise the CFD results alongside the loaded FE models.

For thermal side boundary conditions, FEARCE can link into the RICARDO R-THERM utility for predictions of gas side HTC’s resulting from combustion. FEARCE then takes these HTC distribution curves and maps them onto the appropriate regions in the combustion chamber ready for analysis.

Key Features

  • HTC’s mapped directly from CFD results
  • Links directly with VECTIS for results extraction and visualisation
  • HTC and heat flux profiles automatically generated for cylinder bores and flame faces

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