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What is PISDYN?

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PISDYN is an advanced three-dimensional simulation package for predicting the dynamics of the piston and connecting rod assembly - enabling the optimisation of the piston geometry and minimising the need for expensive and difficult testing. Based around an advanced lubrication model for simulating the interface between the piston and liner, the engineer can use a hierarchy of structural models to minimise scuffing, wear, friction loss and piston slap.


  • Piston geometry optimisation to study the influence of pin offset and skirt profile
  • Influence of oil properties
  • Piston scuffing and wear studies
  • Piston slap and cavitation studies

Key Features

  • Advanced EHL mass conserving lubrication model for piston/liner interface
  • Hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication models
  • Single piece and articulated pistons
  • Hierarchy of rigid, compliant and dynamic structural models
  • Integrated FEARCE solver for FE matrix reduction



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