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Finite Element Modelling

PISDYN incorporates an advanced interface that allows a user to utilise FE models to calculate the mass and stiffness matrices required for dynamic and compliant analyses, as well as deformations due to thermal, pressure and inertia loads. Any combination of model level can be chosen for either the piston or liner side assemblies.

With its internal FE solver, PISDYN has the capability or performing all of the required analyses, or if the user prefers, it can also set up appropriate analysis decks for the major third party solvers such as ABAQUS and NASTRAN.

Post solution, the PISDYN FE interface also has the capability of applying the calculated forces onto component FE models to provide boundary conditions for FE stress analyses.

Key Features

  • Interactive 3D graphical user interface (RAPID GUI)
  • Automatic selection of sets for loading
  • Vectorized Sparse Solver (VSS)Static (Guyan) and dynamic (CMS) reduction
  • Thermal, inertial and gas pressure deformations
  • Handling of constraints
  • Temperature dependent material properties
  • Complete piston and liner (or engine block) models with optional half model
  • Inertia Relief for static models
  • Built in translators from commercially available FE packages
  • Pressure loading of cylinder head
  • Back-substitution of results for complete piston/liner FE analyses
  • Piston and Liner Dynamic Models (optional)
    - Mass and damping   
    - User defines modal damping characteristic   
    - Critical damping ratio against frequency   
    - Critical damping applied to each mode
    - Component Mode Synthesis (CMS) reduction
    - User selects number of dynamic modes
    - Improved vibration analysis for piston slap prediction

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