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Available Papers

A library of technical papers has been assembled to help the client learn more on how PISDYN has been used in real life applications throughout many different industries.  Many of the papers provided contain data from experiments along with corresponding simulation results for the purpose of establishing and validating the capabilities of the programs.

  • Numerical Analysis of an Articulated Piston Skirt Failure, click here
  • Comparison of Measured and Predicted Skirt Liner Clearances in a Gasoline Engine, click here
  • Piston Design Development Using Numerical Simulations and Engine Tests, click here
  • A comparison of Simulation and Engine Test Data for Various Skirt Profile, click here
  • From Concept to Practice, click here
  • Dynamic Simulation of a Piston for Compressor Application and Correlation with Bench Tests, click here
  • Case Study Using PISDYN of the Effect on Piston Performance of Using a Longer Conrod, click here

Here are just some of the other PISDYN papers which are available through SAE and other journals:


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